What My Clients Say...

As a member of a Business & Professional Women's Organization, I deal with many professionals and found Tatiana to be top notch, honest, and trustworthy. She provides before and after care instructions and is straight forward in what she feels will look best on a client and will accommodate their needs. I had the eyeliner applied and we both agreed on exactly what she would do before she applied anything. She spends so much time learning about me that I felt totally comfortable putting my face in her hands. Thank you Tatiana, I love it!

Deborah F.

I was tired of the time & money spent on eyebrow pencils & had contemplated permanent make-up for several years but didn't know how to find someone reputable. A few months ago a co-worker had her brows done by Tatiana & after seeing the results, I scheduled a consultation. Tatiana is very professional & talented. She took a lot of time making sure my brows "fit" the shape of my face & that I was happy with the design. She is very meticulous & gave detailed instructions on after care. I couldn't be happier with the results!

Nancy F.

Tatiana's professionalism is only surpassed by her expertise as an artist, when it comes to permanent makeup application. I am absolutely thrilled with how she enhanced my eyebrows. I would never have believed that they could look so beautiful! We worked together deciding what would look best for my features, before even beginning the procedure. The procedure itself was almost completely painless. I highly recommend Tatiana!!

Bobbie S.

While visiting from Pennsylvania, I had the most wonderful, professional, artistic, precise experience with Tatiana. She came highly recommended by my daughter, who had her upper and lower eye liner done by Tatiana. In addition to those services, I decided to have my eye brows done as well. I am beyond satisfied!!! I will return for my enhancement appointment with joy to see this extremely personable talented professional. See you soon Tatiana!!!

Cynthia D.

First, let me say that my eyebrow hair just never came in naturally and I have oily skin. Pencils really don’t work well for me, so permanent makeup is perfect for me. I have had my eyebrows tattooed two times before and the last time was three years ago and it was very painful. It also faded into a brown/reddish color. I had been looking for a salon for a few years already and I ended up choosing Tatiana. She uses a technique that is not just a solid tattoo, but rather uses individual strokes to draw the hairs to look more natural. I had no pain at all during the process! Tatiana is a perfectionist and I am very satisfied with the results and am looking forward to coming back to do the eyeliner.

Irina S.

I am a busy business owner and a mom of two young girls. Sometimes I just don't have enough time to do lots of make up, yet need to look presentable for my clients. I was not happy with my natural shape and hair growth on eyebrows and wanted some sort of a fix. Spending lots of time on perfecting the shape each morning was becoming very time consuming. That's when I started researching different options and discovered permanent make up option. I was very nervous about it, as you want it to look just perfect since it is semi permanent and it is on your face. I researched different artists for about a year and carefully chose Tatiana. I was impressed with all the certifications she has (both from the US and Europe), her professionalism, portfolio and her top of the line equipment. When we met for the initial consultation, I was still nervous but Tatiana's gentle demeanor and her patience put me at ease. She never rushed me and took extra time to perfect the shape and make sure I was happy with it. Then we started the tattoo process. It was completely painless which I was really surprised about. Tatiana again didn't rush and did a very thorough job. It's been a couple of month now and I get lots of compliments on my eyebrows. I couldn't be happier. Thank you Tatiana for a job well done.

Marina G.

Wonderful experience!!! Love the result. Very professional and outstanding service. Highly recommended!!!

Ksenia J.

I am a professional business woman and have been contemplating permanent eye liner for over 5 years. I've gone to numerous consultations and never felt comfortable enough to go through with it. Then, I met Tatiana at Contour Permanent Makeup. She is incredibly knowledgeable, professional, genuine, soft spoken, and not pushy. She wanted to make sure I was truly ready. She took time answering my questions and explaining how the procedure would work. Tatiana did not want to change how I look; rather enhance my natural beauty. Together, we decided on a subtle, professional top eyeliner, and just a bit of soft lower liner at the corners. I am SO HAPPY! Tatiana's studio is very clean and welcoming. She played soft music to relax me, as I was a bit nervous. The procedure was not painful, as I had expected. I could feel a vibration, but no pain.
It's been three days since my procedure. I am feeling great! I highly recommend setting up a consultation with Tatiana if you are considering permanent makeup. I now wake up with perfect eye makeup. What a life changer!

Tracee Q.

I just got my permanent eyebrows and eyeliner done and I'm very satisfied!!! The results are beautiful and natural-looking! I couldn't be happier.
Tatiana is amazingly talented, very precise and very careful. The procedure was pain free and flawless.
Highly recommend giving her a visit.

Olga K.

If you are thinking about permanent makeup this is the place to go. Tatiana did a great job and made me feel relaxed and comfortable. She is very professional and knowledgeable and I would recommend permanent makeup and Tatiana to anyone who is thinking of having it done.

Renata H.

I have worked with Tatiana quite a few times (Full lip color permanent makeup). She's always showed the top level of professionalism. Every procedure was pain free, which is personally important for me, and each time - 100% desired results! Tatiana truly has unsurpassed skills in her trade. I'd confidently recommend Contour Permanent Makeup to everyone. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!

Svetlana S.

Tatiana is AMAZING! She was very professional. She did my eyebrows and I couldn't be happier with the results! She is perfect! I've recommended some of my friends to her as well. I can't say enough good things about her attention to details!

Olya K.

I am very impressed with Tatjana's work. She worked on my eyebrows and the result is fantastic and looks natural. Tatiana is truly a master at permanent makeup.

Svetlana B.

Tatjana, thank you for your work. My wife and I are really happy with the result. Her eyebrows look very natural.

Sergei B.