Contour Permanent Makeup has been founded in 2016 in Denver, CO.
In 2021 we opened our studio in Dallas, TX.
Our studio specializes in permanent makeup and offers certain skin care services.
Nevertheless, our emphasis is on permanent makeup. We strongly believe that it is instrumental to focus on a specific field, master the skills and offer expert services to our clients.
Tatiana Zaryanova
Contour Permanent Makeup Founder
Tatiana is a licensed esthetician in the state of Florida, Colorado, and Texas. She has been a certified permanent makeup artist since 2011.

In addition to her highly regarded education she received in the USA, she completed specialized training by the world renown European permanent makeup field top leaders who recognized her talent with achievement awards. Permanent makeup requires not only high level of technical precision but also artistic talent and creative vision. Tatiana approaches each case based on individual facial anatomy and skin type. Carefully chosen pigments and perfectly placed strokes enhance one's beauty while maintaining natural appearance of the face.
Permanent makeup is a THREE-STEP process:
It is a brief in person consultation. We offer two types of consultation: with pencil sketching or without sketching. We do recommend to do the sketching because it will help you see how the permanent makeup will look like. The appointment is approximately 30-60 minutes long.

This is an appointment that is booked prior to any procedure. At this time we will talk about color, shape, and style, before and after care, instructions, contraindications.

Please read through the Before and After Care Instructions before setting your consultation appointment to ensure that you are a good candidate for permanent makeup.
Initial Procedure
It is the actual procedure, which includes both pencil sketching and pigment implantation. The appointment is approximately 2-2,5 hours long.
It is the third appointment where the second round of pigment implantation takes place to achieve the final result. All procedures require an initial visit as well as a touch-up visit 4-8 weeks later. The appointment is approximately 1,5-2 hours long.

The touch-up appointment is considered to be the second visit within our company for the same procedure only.

Any follow-up appointment that is scheduled longer than 8 (eight) weeks after your initial appointment is no longer considered a follow-up.

Color will fade/soften up to 50% or more after the initial procedure. The touch-up will enhance any area that has faded, healing is specific to each client. It is important to understand that you will need a color boost every 1-2 years to maintain it's fresh natural appearance.
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