At Contour Permanent Makeup, we believe that eyebrows play a crucial role in framing the face, imbuing it with energy and character.

Our permanent makeup artists possess the skills to expertly analyze facial proportions and the morphological structure, coupled with an extensive understanding of color theory. This expertise enables us to tailor our approach to each individual, steering clear of a one-size-fits-all approach.


Morphology of your face
We strongly believe that it is absolutely important to have a knowledge in facial bone structures. Your face is unique
Your hair structure
Do you have thin or thick eyebrow hair? What direction do the hairs grow? In order to create naturally looking eyebrows, we need to create patterns that do not conflict with your natural hairs pattern
Your natural hair color
There are different undertones for each color which are warm and cold. To choose the right color and the right undertone, one must have knowledge in color theory
Uniformity of your hair growth
Do your eyebrows grow even? Are there any spots that miss hair?
Proportions of the face
Proportions of the face play a key role in creating a harmony of the face. Knowledge of this golden ratio rule helps to create appropriate design
Color accent on your face
We truly believe that in order to look naturally and stylish, you have to pay attention at a face color accents. Would you prefer to accentuate your sexuality or sensuality? This is what really matters when choosing permanent makeup service
Your style type
One of the most important details in permanent makeup is density of the pigment that is implanted into your skin. The style type plays a key role. Dramatic, Romantic, Natural, Gamin....The approach is completely different for different style types
Your personal goal
What is your lifestyle? Are you a big boss or a person who is looking for a lifetime partner? From our experience, you would need completely different techniques and approach depending on your personal goals
Your vision
Your vision of yourself is extremely important and we take it seriously. A well developed sensuous taste is a privilege. If you are in a process of finding true you, it is our honor to help you with that


Initial treatment
Color MAINTENANCE 4-24 months
Color MAINTENANCE 24 months and more

VAGARO pay later PLAN

With Vagaro Pay Later, you can schedule your appointments and choose to pay at a later date.

You can split transactions into four interest-free installments over six weeks. Instead of paying full price now, Vagaro now offers payment plans, so you can "Pay Later."

Here's how it works: Let's say you would like to purchase a service for $800. With Vagaro Pay Later, you can split the cost into four equal payments of $200 over six weeks.

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Initial Procedure
2-3 hours
1,5-2 hours
The starting point where we discuss your goals and plan together. This usually lasts 1 hour.

At this time we will talk about color, shape, and style, before and after care, instructions, contraindications.
The main event! Pigment implantation that takes around 3 hours. You can combine this with the consultation.

*Please read through the Before and After Care Instructions before setting your consultation appointment to ensure that you are a good candidate for permanent makeup
Round two of pigment implantation to achieve that final touch of perfection. This usually lasts 1.5-2 hours.

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